10 Tips to Prepare your CD for Duplication

Are you ready to put together your perfect CD?  If so, make sure that you set everything up right.  Once you have something ready for CD duplication, there is no turning back to getting it printed exactly the way that you want to.  These tips will help to ensure that everything is set up the way that you want it to be. 

1.Does it sound right?  Make sure that all of your mixing and mastering for audio is complete.  That means that all of the songs should have the same volume of sound and should be even across the entire CD.  You don’t want to get into the duplication area and have to turn up and down the volume for every track.

2.Always double check the details.  The combination of your CD data or music with the outward information, such as the table of contents, should always be in the same spot.  Always re-check before duplication to make sure that everything you have on each track is in the correct place. 

3.Graphics.  There is nothing that sells a CD more than graphics.  You want to make sure that everything is in the right place with the right formats, as well as the right colors.  Spending a lot of time to get the perfect look is important, for both the CD and for the package. 

4.Check your wording.  Inside and out, you should make sure that your wording is right. This means everything from giving credit where credit is due to putting the right tracks with the right songs in the right place.  Look at other CDs to see what the correct formatting is and how you can be as close to professional as possible.   

5.Copyright.  No matter what type of CD you are duplicating, make sure that you claim it as being yours.  Get your CD copyrighted and set up correctly before you try to distribute it anywhere. 

6.Pay attention to the formatting.  There are a lot of formatting options that are available for CD duplication.  You can have everything from a one page insert to a 10 page insert, as well as back areas for wording.  You want to make sure that you have the correct wording, as well as the correct placement in every area of the jacket. 

7.Visualize the package.  With the ability to package and replicate in different ways, are also options to create packages.  You can have more than just a jewel CD case and more than one shape to your CD.  Before you start duplicating, make sure that you know how you want your package to look. 

8.Know what you want to say.  With the idea of the package are several options for what goes inside your CD.  Do you just want to have a list of your songs, or do you want to give lyrics?  What type of information do you think is important?  Things that should always be included are the copyright, a list of those who helped to put together the CD and information on where to contact you.  Your wording will depend on how much duplication you want to do outside of the CD as well as what type of case you are getting for your CD. 

9.Do a test run.  Even if you are using a professional service, make sure that you test one or two copies of your CD before entering into hundreds of copies.  This will ensure that everything is in the right place, is worded correctly and does exactly what you want it to do. 

10.  Get outside opinions.  Other than those who are already working on the CD, make sure to check with some outside voices on how your CD looks and sounds.  The main part of your CD is selling a product.  You want to make sure that it is appealing, has the right information and turns out with high quality.  Getting other opinions on all of these areas can help you to understand if your CD is being manufactured the correct way. 

Like with every other area of putting together a CD, preparing for the duplication process is one that is just as important.  You want to make sure to pay attention to the details and ensure that you don’t have to back track or re-print any of your CDs.  Preparing the correct way and knowing what you need in the beginning will allow you to save time and money when beginning the process of duplication. 

Author: Ioachim

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