A Partial List of the Best Blenders

If only Stephen Poplawski could see how useful the best blenders are at this point in time, he would have been proud at his invention. He made this kitchen appliance in 1922. The idea was simple. He used a tall container and placed a blade at its bottom. He intended to use this to create soda fountain drinks.

And now, with the continuous advancement in technology, many variations of blenders have been introduced in the market. Now this electric appliance isn’t only for soda fountain. This can create a lot, from juices, to mixing anything as ingredient to different foods, crushing ice, even to create combinations for medicinal purposes.

Here are some of the commercially available brands that you can choose from. Here’s a proof that blenders have really advanced since Poplawski’s invention.

1. Cuisinart Smart Power 7-Speed Chrome Blender

This appliance may be little. But this has 350W of blending ability. Its blender jar comes in a pretty size of 40 oz. You can choose to have your blender in either white or chrome finish. The beauty of this is that you can crush eyes even if you don’t add more liquid with its 7 speed settings.

2. Back to Basics Personal Blender

For those who are looking for affordability more than the look and capability, this product will be your best choice. Its motor is 350W. Its container can hold up to 24oz. This is ideal if you will only do single serving of your creation like the smoothies.

3. Braun PowerMax Jug Blender

If you have a need for blenders on your business, this brand is most appropriate. For one, this can hold up to 58 oz in its container. There are also handy holes in its feature. These were intended for the user to be able to add some liquid while in the process of blending. This is being run by 525W motor power.

4. Braun Hand Held Blender

This is elegant, handy and very useful. This will also free up some space on your counter or cabinets in the kitchen. This stand blender runs at 400W motor power. It comes with attachments like the whisk, chopper and many more. You can mount this easily on any available space on your kitchen like the wall or at the side of your working table.

5. Black and Decker Crush Master

Its 475W motor power is all revved up to crush whatever it is that you want to be done. Its feature is also flexible. There are 10 settings for speed. The blender canister can hold up to 48 ounces. There is also a 2 oz measuring cup at its lid. This is ideal for adding whatever you want in the mix in such small amounts.

6. Bosch Porche Designer Stand Blender

This is stylish. For one, its container isn’t glass. But it is stylish with more than just the style. It is being run by 450W of motor power. Its jug can hold up to 6-cups of any liquid.

The list above is only partial. There are a lot that claim that they belong in the best blenders category. But if you really want to do so, you have to earn the good reputation.
Just like the samples above, these brands went out of the usual blenders feature. They were attention grabbing and they were also able to integrate quality with good design.

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