Allergy Relief in Indoors and Outdoors

Having allergies can make a person life very miserable. Over 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with nasal allergies. There are many different ways to treat allergy symptoms using prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, yet because of many issues people still suffer. Consult with your doctor before starting any self-treatments, such as over-the-counter.

How do allergies occur?
Pollen and Mold are the two main causes for allergies in the outside air. Both natural air floaters are blowing around all around us polluting the air. Pollen comes from the grass, trees and weeds and mold comes from the leaves laying on the ground and rotting wood. Mold builds up in homes, especially around damp areas.

Our bodies produce two chemicals called histamine and leukotriens that cause the allergy symptoms. Most allergy medicines will block the chemicals that are causing the symptoms.

How allergy meds help you:
Medicine to help relieve allergy symptoms that make us so miserable comes in many different forms. You can purchase these medicines in a liquid form as well as sprays and pills. Spray form is sprayed into the nose. Some allergy medicines are for only certain things, some make you drowsy but most of them work by blocking the histamine.

Be sure to read all labels checking the ingredients and warnings along with the dosage amount because there are some side effects. The side effects are usually mild but could cause an ear infection, headache, sore throat or upper respiratory infection. If these side effects don’t go away or cause you, a lot of pain, consult your physician right away.

You can find relief by taking allergy shots as well. Your physician will refer you to a specialist and he will test you to find out exactly what it is your allergic to. Once he knows exactly what allergies you are susceptible to, he can give you a series of shots. The shots are given over a period of year’s increase the medication making stronger as time goes on.

There are ways to help relieve your allergies from flaring up so much by doing some simple things like keeping the fans off so the air from outside isn’t being brought in. Close your windows and turn on the air conditioner to help keep the pollen down where you’re at in the home or car. Don’t rely on air-conditioners however. If you take a bath or shower it helps to remove build up from the pollen and mold that you have on your skin and hair by removing it you’ll have a better night of sleep.

Checking the news, newspaper, weather channel or on the Internet to find out when the Pollen and Mold is the highest in your area can help you find relief.

It is a good idea to check when you are going on vacation to make sure you stay away when the pollen is highest. Pollen is the worse in the morning so try going out in the afternoons to avoid as much as possible. By keeping track of the pollen and mold counts, it will make your days and night go a lot better for you.

Always try to be one step ahead of the high pollen and mold seasons so you can be prepared for the allergy seasons. Have your medication on hand and know when to begin taking it before the season creeps upon you. Always have something for a quick fix around for the unexpected attacks you might have. You never know when these things are going to just happen without any notice.

There are many tips that you can use to help relieve your allergy symptoms by talking to your physician for one. Contact the health department and check out the Internet for tips to help you live a normal life with allergies.

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