Boosting Revenues With Preselling

Save for some dedicated sites with goals other than income, almost all websites would not exactly mind if they can earn some, either through their own primary business or some other extras (on-site advertising, sales, and some affiliate programs). One of these extras is pre-selling.

Requirements for visitors

Usually, affiliate programs direct a visitor to a site or blog with directions to click on a link. Once inside the new site, they might have to buy something or sign up for something.

This time, increasing the odds for success would have the original site draw the visitor to its ads or program links.


There is no question that these direct link affiliates can (and do) deliver great revenues. In some cases, however, they do not always pay off.

Sadly, these links can also send people away from the referring site. All interests fly away in cases where the site has a less-than-desired design in terms of looks and total concept.

Presell pages

There are some straightforward methods on what a website or blog owner can use to entice the readers to act and increase the odds of generating revenue.

This is where the need of a dedicated presell page (or pages) to do your preselling comes in. The most basic and very effective attraction to a preselling page is to provide basic information on the affiliate program’s product or service.

These pages are meant to inspire action on the part of the readers at the referring sites. The delicate operation involves avoiding placing links in the blog articles, on the content, in chat forums and even on ads.

Instead of the above, they are woven into the copy on the preselling page itself.

Increasing traffic

The big benefits are usually noticed shortly after. Site and blog owners who create these preselling pages would know how to leverage them to their advantage.

They know that these pages can create or even boost other income sources as well. All this is due to the preselling page’s ability to bring in traffic via search engines. Because these pages focused on particular products or services, and are keyword intense, they get ranked very well.

The increase in traffic has good prospects in potential revenues coming in. and this is just the tip of all the potential benefits of a presell page.


One big draw in the use of these preselling pages is building trust and credibility with the site’s visitors. Presenting honest information (meaning the good and the not-so-good qualities of a product or products) can boost the site’s credibility.

With credibility comes trust from the visitors. Also, rather than giving links in forums, emails and chat rooms (which is dangerously close to spamming), it is better to sign posts with links to the preselling page instead.

Easy does it

Creating preselling pages for particular products and services on a site or a blog is not that difficult. Simply create a page or maybe a blog article that includes a pitch.

If it is a new page, make sure the link is noticeable on the site. Banner ads (or some such tools) for recommendations can be a big help.

These informative pages for your preselling can certainly make a big difference in making your visitors respond and act.

Author: Ioachim

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