CDR Brilliance

Philips created the “High-Speed” CD-RW logo for media that supports writing speeds above 4x. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Several years ago, CD-R media and CD burners were never imagined. Computers were just reached the GHz speed, with  Pentium 1 just starting to reach the horizons. Floppy disks were the ideal way to store data, even though it took several of them to store most types of information. Looking at things today, you can see at a glance just how far technology has come over the years.

These days, computers are in 2 out of 3 homes across the world, with almost everyone owning one.CD burners and CD-RW drives are just as popular,with everyone realizing just how much money they can save by burning their own disks and copying their own media.

There are so many benefits to CD duplication and CD-R disks that it’s mind boggling. If you’ve never owned a CD-RW drive or dealt with CD-R media,you’d be amazed with everything you can do. CD
media helps to simply life as we know it and make things easier than ever before.

The theory of CD-R duplication is priceless. Writers,those that are self employed, musicians, small businesses, hobbyists, and even fortune 500 companies can all benefit from the brilliance behind CD-R technology. Not only to do they  save you quite a bit of time, but they are also very affordable while providing you many different services.

CD-R media is used to store files and important security documentation. The media disks are widely used in the computer field to conveniently backup software and data on disc. Musicians
as well choose to use CD-R duplication as an affordable marketing and promotion tool to get their music out to those who want it.

Even the corporate world as well, uses CD-Rs as a cost effective way of mass producing training videos and as an aid in converting to the
ideal paperless office. You can also use CD-Rs as a business card, as they are smaller than a credit card and store all of your memorable
business card information.

With everything they offer you, CD media is truly something you can’t live without. The disks are small and easy to store, yet they will hold an impressive amount of information.

For all of your audio, storage, or backup needs,rest assured that CD-R media can help you meet your demands. The disks will last a lifetime,making them perfect for special memories. If you have the need for storage or saving data and pictures, CD media is the way to go to ensure that your precious files will be there each and every time you need them.

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