Coffee Mugs For Every Personality

When you love coffee, why settle for a boring coffee cup when you can have it from your own personal mug?

Coffee mugs have evolved to adapt to the different preferences of coffee drinkers. The usual dainty coffee cups are nice, especially when you have company visiting. As a matter of fact, coffee cups are the preferred serving vessels in what is usually called the polite society. It isn’t the coffee mug. The coffee mug can be used in a social setting that requires less formality where you can enjoy your coffee in greater quantities.

A coffee mug can be available in all shapes, styles and materials. Basically, a coffee mug is a cup that is used to hold coffee, teas, steamed milk and hot chocolate.

Materials that are generally used for the production of coffee mugs could be glass, porcelain, plastics, and metals. The shapes that mugs can be modelled into are even more varied. Coffee mugs of recent times have been ideal souvenir items, marketing and promotional tools, suggested gift materials, and novelty items. For many coffee drinkers though, it is just a simple coffee mug to hold the coffee in and sit lazily early in the morning to enjoy the morning sunshine and get perked up for the day ahead.

Porcelain coffee mugs

It is true that a porcelain coffee mug can retain heat better than plastics and metals and still have better coffee flavor. Porcelain coffee mugs can be designed as pretty, as macho or as whimsical as anyone wants, but a porcelain coffee mug can also easily break. In addition, porcelain coffee mugs may come with a porcelain cover to keep the coffee from spilling, but not an attached lid that could serve other purposes.

When you are drinking coffee in the office or near equipment and materials that should not have coffee spilled on them, you may prefer a coffee mug made from other materials.

Coffee travellers

The traveling coffee mug is designed for the coffee drinker who wants to avoid accidental spills. Traveling coffee mugs are usually manufactured with a combination of metal and plastics with insulation to keep the heat in the coffee mugs longer. Oftentimes, the inside of the coffee mug is made of plastic material while the outer cup is made from stainless steel. The lid could be made with a drinking spout, but typically coffee is sipped from a hole in the lid to prevent spills. This type of coffee mug is great while driving, drinking coffee on the job and for transporting liquids. This coffee mug closely resembles a vacuum flask.

While the traveling mug is also great for outdoor activities, another more traditional type of coffee mug can be used as well. These types of mugs are made of tin. Tin mugs, though reminiscent of old campfires and the great outdoors, are gradually becoming an option in place of the more versatile traveling mugs.

Mugs can also be decorative. Ornamental mugs come in different shapes and sizes that, aside from being a functional coffee mug, are also used to hold things and for decorative purposes.

There is also the puzzle mug. Puzzle mugs are novelty mugs that require manipulation and intuitiveness to drink from. Normally, there is a hidden method of drinking from these mugs but it is made with fun in mind.

Coffee mugs are great ways to enjoy your coffee, especially if you are a coffee lover. The quantity of coffee they can hold can be as much as 20 ounces.

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