Herbs in Allergy relief

Allergies are becoming a large problem among today’s Americans. Everyday more and more people are being diagnosed with allergies. The dust and pollen in the air is getting worse each day.

Taking treatment with herbs is the all-natural way to stay healthy. Remember when taking herbs even though they are considered safe, that some of them may counteract with your prescribed medications. So, be sure to read and learn about the herbs you are interested in taking to avoid problems. If you do not understand what you are reading and taking, consult with your doctor before starting anything new.

Some of the herbs that are being used today used for allergy treatment are Marshmallow root to help relieve mucous from the body. Burdock is used to clear the congestion in the respiratory system. To sooth, the throat and clear congestion, try using Mullein and to getting the antibiotic effect use Goldenseal Root it contains antibacterial and anti-fungal.

Eye Bright is a very effective natural herb to help the allergies by helping the congestion and hay fever that you might be experiencing. A natural antihistamine for allergies and fights infection use Capsicum. Stinging nettle is used to treat hay fever and another natural for the allergy treatments your looking for.

Vitamin C and natural anti-histamine is found in Acerola Cherry. Rosemary is a good anti-inflammatory and strengthens the nervous system too. For reducing mucus and chest congestion, try White Pine.

Using herbs are just one way to help relieve allergy symptoms. Allergies can be deadly to a person if they are having chronic problems and do not get relief fast. When a person is having an allergy attack, they start to have a hard time breathing they can hyperventilate, and the oxygen level will go down. Remember herbs are not a cure they only help to relieve the symptoms. Consult a doctor if the symptoms do not seem to get better.

Other way to help is your home environment is very important to someone that has allergies. The home needs to be kept clean from dust, pollen and mold as much as possible. Do some research on items that can be bought for keeping the home free from dust, pollen and mold? You could be saving someone’s life.

Keep the home clean by vacuuming 2 or 3 times a week. Dust mites like to live in dark places and where there is moisture. Have a good filter on your sweeper to catch the flying dust before it has a chance to escape.

TV’s, stereos, furniture and carpets are just a few of the dust mites’ favorite places to multiply. Be sure that you clean behinds these things and spray the carpets and furniture.

There is also a carpet shampoo to help get rid of the dust mites imbedded into the carpet and furniture. Keeping the beds free from dust mites is another thing. Encase your box springs, mattress and pillows with a zippered casing to keep the dust from bedding into them.

Check out the basement. Mold lives in damp areas and most basements are damp in need of a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers can be bought at most hardware and department stores. Be sure that it is equipped with a filter on it to cash the dust down there along with drawing out the moisture that can cause the mold. You can purchase a cleaner to help clean up the mold that may have already started growing in your basement.

Having allergies is no fun and helping you or your loved one to be able to live a more normal life is very important.

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