Personal Blenders – A Look at Back to Basics

Are you tight on budget but likes to go over the available personal blenders? With the ever changing technology in whatever field you are looking at, you will find good choices that were meant for your specific needs. So if you want something that you can use for personal purposes only, there are a lot of brands that you can choose from. But one brand that focuses on such need is the Back to Basics. Have you ever heard of it?

Back to Basics

This brand was first made available in the market in 1971. It started offering products that were intended for food storage and canning purposes. Through the years, it has kept its principles to give consumers the back to basics kind of things that work.

The focus of these products is the people who need something fast that they can work well without any hassles because they cannot afford to miss a beat on their busy schedules. They are also aiming for families and other groups who are aiming for fun through food.

Keeping things simple is their main goal. This is a USP in itself or the unique selling proposition because these products seem to be going against the tide of high technology and advanced styles when it comes to appliances. The product lines of this brand ranges from blenders to popcorn makers and smoothie makers.

The Blender Express

This is one of the available blenders from Back to Basics that points to people who are always thinking about health and their nutrition. It specifically wants to target busy people who cannot neglect their own health needs.

The blender has two speeds. This runs on a 350W motor power. How will the busy people benefit from this? This product has a pulse dial and an attached mug which will fit onto one’s cup holder on their cars. Plus, this also comes with a detachable travel mug which has a lid that is flip-up. The purpose of the feature is so that you will not accidentally spill its contents. The product is available in three colors. These are white, blue and brushed chrome.

Blender Solution 5000

Another proud product of Back to Basics is the Blender Solution 5000. This appliance is three in one as it can chop, blend and make perfect smoothies. Entertaining at your home will be easier with the aid of this kind of blender. This is ideal whether you are a busy bee who is always on the go or a stay at home mom wants the best foods for their families.

This product runs on a 500W motor and a 700W pulse power. It is safe to be placed at dishwashers. With the advent of this blender, there will be no more reasons why you can’t eat healthy because now you have the perfect aid for that cause.

Aside from personal blenders, Back to Basics has other lines of products that include fine dining kitchen wares, a gourmet kitchen collection and a lot more. This brand has really placed a great priority over the people whom they are vying for in terms of attention.

You will get hooked with the lines of products from this brand because you will feel like they were really thinking about you even while conceptualizing ideas to formulate what they have.

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