Photo Editing Terms 5 – R to S

Red Eye
Red Eye is the reflection of the camera flash off of the back of the subject’s eyes.  It happens most often with a bright flash in dim light.  Many photo editing applications have red eye removal features.

Resize is one of the basic photo editing tools.  It’s used to change the size or resolution of an image.

RGB is the standard color format for digital images.  It stands for Red, Green, Blue.  Each of the three colors is given an amount between 0 and 255, and the blend of the three produces all of the other colors.  Three zeroes produce white, and three 255s produce black.

Rotation is one of the basic photo editing tools, and is commonly used to fix portraits that have been downloaded from the camera as landscape.

Saturation is a measure of the richness of the colors in a photo.  When a picture is desaturated, all of the color information has been removed, and what’s left is a grayscale or black and white picture.

The shadows are the darkest part of an image, just as highlights are the brightest.

Sharing photos generally involves uploading them to a website (like Flickr) so that other people can view them or even order prints and photo gifts.

Sharpness is a description of the focus and clarity of a picture.  It concerns how clearly the details appear to be.

Shutter Speed
Shutter Speed is the amount of time the shutter remains open when a photo is taken.  Shutter Speed and Aperture together determine just how much light hits the film or camera sensor.  The shutter speed is also a fraction, just like the aperture.  A shutter speed of 500 is actually 1/500, or “one five hundredth of a second.”

Smart Media ™
One of the several versions of digital camera media.

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