Your Own Greeting Card Print Shop

Let’s go over some of the greeting card print solutions you have have available to you. Making your own photo cards and personalized greeting cards is enjoyable, gives a creative satisfaction, and is actually very easy to do. If you spend some time doing greeting card printing in the off-seasons, you will have a collection of cards available to you for use at Christmas time, Easter, weddings, birthdays, and more. All you need to start with is your favorite photographs or drawings to get you going. Printable greeting cards are a great way to keep in touch with family and friends and display your digital photo talent. There are two main methods for creating and greeting card printing: desktop software and online services.

Software for Photo Greeting Cards:

You can make your own printable greeting cards using computer programs. There are a several excellent applications available for greeting card printing. These programs have made this process easy for several years. Currently, my favorite program for making digital photo greeting cards is Adobe Photoshop Album. Adobe is the professionals choice for their powerful professional tools. But do not be scared off by that- their latest round of consumer -level applications have been outstanding in ease of use and functionality. As with the online services, templates are available for greeting cards, Christmas cards, etc.

Online Services for Greeting Card Printing

Most online digital photos services offer customized photograph cards, permitting you to create your own greeting cards any occasion. Online photo services such as Ofoto and Shutterfly make it simple to lay out high-quality customized cards. The process entails uploading your photos to the service, working with the design software to layout how you want the card to look, and then adding your text messages. Greeting card printing is usually done at a 5×7 size and you will choose a glossy or matte finish. The online service will then mail you your cards in various size packages of your choosing. To prevent writer’s cramp, or the hassle of printing mailing labels, Shutterfly will let you upload an address book from your computer and mail the cards out for you (of course you wont be able to sign them though.) I hope you have fun making your own cards and realize the great time and cost savings that your own greeting card print shop will bring to you.

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