eBay Listing Tips

Believe it or not, the success or failure of your eBay Store comes right down to your listing practices. Listing your items for sale seems like tedious work, however you must take your time and do it correctly to maximize your sales potential. By using these strategies, you will be able to get a larger audience to your eBay Auctions and the potential to gain more sales and higher ending bids!

Consider multiple auctions for spelling variations – If you have multiple quantities of the same items for sale, consider having two or more listings with different spelling variations of the product in the title. For instance you could either be selling “tshirts” or “t-shirts”.

Include only keywords in your title – Never waste your space by including the words like “LOOK” or “WOW”. No one searches for those terms and you are just using up space instead of your valuable search phrases. Make sure you keep your title using the major searchable keyword phrases only.

Include keywords in your description – A lot of people search by description too so make sure you repeat your keyword phrases in your description as well. However make it easily readable and not just a bunch of random words lumped together.

Include lots of details in your description – People want to know exactly what it is you have for sale. Include “too much” information just to be sure, otherwise you could lose a potential bid! Even things like dimensions, wattage, color, and details like that are very important! Don’t make the seller chase you down by having to ask a question, it’s very frustrating to them.

Learn to use HTML or an HTML editor – Listers who lump all of their text into one paragraph sell 30% less than people who break their paragraphs up and make it more readable. Also avoid using all capital letters and just make it all around easy on the eye.

Talk to your potential bidders as a friend – These people are bidding on an item from a total stranger. Don’t talk to them with “business talk” in the description, talk as if you were chatting with a friend. It builds up trust.

Add color and graphics – Don’t go overboard with too many things that takes the listing too long to load, but adding some color and graphics will enhance the listing and make it more appealing.

By using these very simple techniques, you will have a better eBay Auction. You will get more bids, thus driving your sales higher and you will have a higher chance of success in your eBay Auction Business!

Author: Ioachim

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